Family Managed Care made simple, affordable, and safe.

Unique housing options available from NextDoor Housing
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Rest easy knowing you or your loved one is at home in a secure, functional environment designed by certified aging in place specialists. Each universally designed Drop Home features fully accessible facilities to ensure safety and comfort. The frame itself drops to the ground so with one easy step you’re right at home.


Available immediately, NextDoor Housing Drop Homes™ can be placed when and where you need them. Comprehensive maintenance services are designed to make your caregiving experience as effortless as possible, so you can simply enjoy having your loved one close to home.


Preserve privacy as you care for your loved one. Furnished with a number of comforts and conveniences designed to help maintain independence, these private quarters allow individuals to age in place with dignity.

Supported by Minnesota’s Aging Services Divison

“NextDoor Housing™ and their innovative service are supported, in part, by a CS/SD grant from the Minnesota Department of Human Services”

NextDoor Housing™ is part of a growing movement to encourage communities to care for their aging populations.

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