Year Round Livable, Even in Minnesota's Weather Extremes

Interior Design and Function:

Whether you need an accessible living space to care for your loved one or you’re looking for an opportunity to transition in independence and comfort, we craft every Drop Home™ with special touches designed to lend comfort and practicality. Drop Homes™ are built to the safest and most accessible codes we can find, our spacious interiors provide an opportunitiy for families to live practically.

Architecture for All

With attractive finishes that complement the appearance of your home, this tiny house comes furnished with everything your loved one needs to feel at home. Built with quality in mind, the exterior design features appealing aesthetics as a standard, hidden utilities systems, and the latest home decor, all to ensure this tiny house compliments any background.


Our homes run entirely off a single standard water input (insulated garden hose) and an electric source that can be either 30 or 50 amps.  All the interior utilities run independently, with state-of-the-art upgrades available every step of the way.  (Even a grey water filter that disperses all sink and shower water used in the Drop Home).


Towable with a standard 3/4 or 1 ton pick-up truck, our Tiny Homes come ready for the road.  As a licensed RV our homes are completely street legal and pass all weight, width, height, and length requirements.  Pull up the truck, lock the ball on the hitch, raise the frame using our unique hydraulic system, and you’re ready to go anywhere!