During various stages of the caregiving journey, your loved one may benefit from the type of care only you can deliver. Here’s what you need:

Adequate Space

The DropHome™ is 30 ft long and 8 ft wide. It needs space to be installed and removed, for this process we use a standard 1-ton pickup truck. As long as you have a flat footprint of those dimensions and space to bring it in, our home should work. Check your local ordinance on sq. footage requirements for water run-off, this typically only applies to small lots.

Utilities Access

A DropHome™ needs access to water and power, just like any other house.  The beauty of our connectivity is it’s completely designed to run off an existing residence.  30-50 amp electrical service is recommended, and an insulated garden hose to your water source will keep the DropHome™ running, no matter the weather.


“Temporary Family Health Care Dwellings” will be legal statewide in Minnesota starting September 1. Check with your local municipality to see if an option like ours is possible for you. You will have an initial 6 months of time to care for your loved one . Need more than 6 months? Use your time to establish an extension period with your city or use this time to find your loved one’s permanent housing solution.

Request more information about how we can help you care for your loved one.