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At NextDoor we understand the climate of current aging adult housing options.  Our rental service addresses this concern by offering affordable, comfortable, universally designed housing.  This revolutionary service allows you to save money and gives you the opportunity to control where you or your loved one will be.

Families with Aging Loved Ones

During various stages of the caregiving journey, your loved one may benefit from the type of care only you can deliver. We serve families and aging individuals who have a strong sense of independence, but require a little extra help as they go about their day. These needs may arise as they recover from an injury or illness, start the process of making long-term care plans, or wait to be admitted to an assisted living facility. Our temporary homes and services provide an immediate solution to keep your loved one safe and comfortable.

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Price comparison of the NextDoor™ rental service to other industry standards in MN in 2015.

Average monthly cost of current housing options for aging adults – Minnesota 2015

Nursing Home 5200 dollars/month
Assisted Living 3400 dollars/month
Senior Community 3000 dollars/month
NextDoor Housing 1500 dollars/month

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Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing Homes, Caregiving Professionals

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities with lengthy wait lists rely on NextDoor Housing to minimize inconveniences as families wait for space to open up. Transitional care professionals and discharge planners can coordinate with us to help patients as they transition to the next phase of their care.  If you are interested in NextDoor’s professional service options:

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General Rentals


NextDoor™ is available to serve your temporary housing needs.  Whether you are in need of workforce housing, are a resort owner looking to increase capacities, or you find yourself with any other housing need, we’ve got you covered.

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